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8th September 2017

How to design a logo in 6 easy steps

"You don’t need a good watch to have a good time... but it helps.”

It’s equally true that you don’t need a great logo to have a great business but, like a nice Rolex, it helps you get along, tells potential customers what you’re all about and lets them know how you like to operate. So, how do you design a great logo and what are the secret design tricks of the trade that take something simple like a few words and fonts and creates something that makes you think ‘that's not bad’...? This is how we go about it at Bitter Lemon HQ anyway...

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5th May 2017

Why marketing is a year’s supply of Branston Pickle…

We often meet people who don't believe in marketing. They don't see the value of marketing. They don't think it's a real thing. "Marketing? It's just tag lines and colouring in, right?" So then, when you have two companies, both producing identical products at the same price, what makes you choose product a over product b?

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