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About us.

A statement of intent by CEO and founder, David Drakeley.

“It started with me offering advice to friends and former colleagues who’d moved on to new jobs. They’d ask me for ideas on how to get more return from their marketing and where to focus their energy. Hearing they were weary of large agencies quoting huge fees and promising to get them ‘to page one of Google’ it soon became clear there was a huge opportunity for a different kind of approach to marketing support, where clients benefit from the knowledge of experienced marketing professionals but without the smoke and mirrors that can sometimes go along with big agencies. I set up the company and very quickly, by recommendation alone, Bitter Lemon Creative grew to supporting a large portfolio of clients across several categories, including retail, hospitality, manufacturing and consultancy.”

“My approach has always been very much: coffee, black. Understand what it’s all about and then start making things happen. I love the process of coming up with ideas and solving problems. The Bitter Lemon team are all like minded people.“

“When I talk to people, I always describe it as an extension of their in-house team. We’re not there to just collect a big retainer fee at the end of each month and we don’t start the meter running as soon as we pick up the phone.”

“So many companies are doing a lot of great things to get their message out there but often they’re unsure how to take it to the next level or which activities (out of the dozen they’re currently investing in) is getting results. We don't come in and automatically default to ripping-up everything that has gone before to start again from scratch (at significant cost to the client). Our first aim is to try to build on what’s already been successful. We also don't go in for expensive workshops, ‘assessment sessions’ or ‘discovery phases’ - we like to find out about our clients and their business over a coffee.”

“It really is a different way of thinking, not only in terms of the ideas we produce but also about the concept of a client/agency relationship.”